Group Health Customer Service Phone Number : 1-888-901-4636

Group Health Cooperative or Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, more commonly known as Group Health is headquartered at Seattle, Washington is a nonprofit healthcare organization. In 1945, Group Health Cooperative was established and cared for about 600,000 people in Washington and Idaho.

In 2017, Group Health Cooperative and its subsidiaries were acquired by Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser’s mission is to provide high-quality and affordable health care services through which the company can improve the health of its members and communities. This company is serving more than 650,000 members and is supporting the health of communities in Northwest Washington, Central Washington, Eastern Washington, the Coastal and Olympic region, and Puget Sound. The vision of Kaiser Permanente is to collaborate with people to help them in thrive the communities that are among the healthiest in the nation.

Group Health Customer Service Number

Group Health Customer Service Number

In today’s era, the major goal of every company is to fulfill the expectations of its customers through the “customer service number”. The customer expects that in his/her urgency, the customer executives should always be ready to solve the problems of the customers. It has been rightly said that no other company’s customer care are so strong as compared to insurance companies or health care solutions. In this folio, the company’s customer service number and customer phone numbers have been mentioned which will be vital to the customer at the time of urgency.

Customer Service Number: 1-888-901-4636

Group Health Phone Number

This leaf has also provided the other important numbers which can be used in various other fields by the users. The numbers such as Individual and family plans member services, Medicare member services, Aon Active health exchange are some of the numbers which plays an important role in making the customers comfortable toward the company.

Individual & Family Plans Member Services: 1-800-290-8900

Medicare Member Services: 206-901-4600

Medicare Member Services: 1-888-901-4600

Aon Active Health Exchange: 1-855-407-0900

Pharmacy Mail-Order Services: 206-630-7979

Pharmacy Mail-Order Services: 1-800-245-7979

Website & Mobile App Support: 1-888-874-1620

Group Health Cooperative Head Office Address

Office Address: 1 Kaiser Plaza,

19th Floor Oakland,

CA 94612

United States of America

The policyholders can also contact the “head office address” of Group Health Cooperative.

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Today, millions and millions of people are using the social media platform and when it comes to multinational cooperation’s, they are using this platform to make their company more popular on different platforms. Group Health Cooperative has provided its Facebook link, twitter link and other important links through which the user or the policyholder can avail more benefits of this insurance company.

Group Health Cooperative Important Links

Official Website:

About Group Health Cooperative:

Contact Group Health Cooperative:



Financial Assistance:

Group Health Cooperative is ready to deliver and develop the outstanding products to its customers and resolve the claims quickly and accurately. This insurance company is committed to new technologies and online capabilities and is introducing new features to make the business faster and easier. This corporation has contracted with other healthcare and commercial organizations through which it can provide the specialty services to its customers or the consumers.

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